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How we work with clients

Building a house should be a fun and collaborative process. At Zaher Architects, we will work with you to capture your vision and translate it into a home that works for you as part of our architectural services. 

For nearly 15 years we have been delivering a diverse range of celebrated homes, in Australia’s most coveted locations. From the Hinterlands of Byron Bay to the waterfront of Wategos, the team at ZA have shaped the dreams of many Byron Shire nesters.


Step by step architectural design process

We will take you through the architectural stages, making your journey to completing your dream home as transparent a process as possible. 

At each stage, we develop the design of your home to incorporate aspects that are important to you. We channel our experience in design, project management and coordination to helping you realise your vision. We enjoy the creative challenge of each unique home so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Exploring exactly what’s possible is all part of the service we provide as architects.


Guidance at every stage

As we have been providing architectural services in the Byron Shire since 2008, we have a rooted sense of the local geography and topography, the climate, as well as council staff and planners. 

We know how to navigate the local council in order to reduce the lengthy process of obtaining building approvals, as well as the best ways to avoid typical hurdles caused by strong environmental policies and a politically active local population. 

We know all the good builders and we like working collaboratively with them throughout the architectural design process to achieve the best quality build. Clients who engage with us get to capitalise on our experience, contacts and our local knowledge. The builders and consultants we work with are all tried and tested and they are as committed and professional as we are.


A collaborative process

The process of creating a beautiful home involves the input of not only the client and the architect, but also a number of specialist consultants. Over the years we have identified consultants who share our vision and work ethic and can advise you on their selection, taking the stress and guesswork out of the process. 

Our core philosophy of bold, high-quality, experiential architecture finds full expression across a wide range of forms in our work, with common factors being environmental consideration, longevity, maintenance consideration, and a strong architectural aesthetic.



As the environment is important to us, we incorporate responsible and sustainable design principles, material choices, and practices into our workflow and architectural services. We are experienced in understanding the uses and the implications of new technologies and can help you to create a dream home that doesn’t cost the earth.  

For more specific information about the project stages and architectural design process, please see BLOG post ‘architectural stages as well as our new build and renovation pages.


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