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Luxury that won't cost the Earth

At Zaher Architects, our philosophy is to push ‘sustainability’ beyond the tag line. 

As sustainable architects in Byron Bay, we truly believe that by designing holistically with a considered approach we can change the trajectory of construction in the Shire. 

Through practical exploration of available technologies and collaboration with other green-minded individuals, we have been inspired to strive for innovation and most importantly – change.

The current standards for sustainability targets in Australia are far behind those in other parts of the world. It is our responsibility as designers to raise the bar so that the homes we build can withstand the test of time, reduce our ecological footprints and create healthy, comfortable environments that don’t exhaust our planet’s precious resources. 

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How You Can Help to Shape the Shire

Great architecture has always been about bold clients, just as much as the architect’s skills and personal motivations. 

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the environmental strategies available to them, including alternative materials, passive techniques, energy-saving, bioclimatic design and more.

 In the Byron Hinterland, off-grid living is easy – so let’s take it further. We live in an area fortunate enough to have access to a surplus of natural resources, making it the perfect place to be at the forefront of sustainable architecture. In this area, you have an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and strive for a home that is more than luxury.

sustainable architect byron bay

Designing for the Environment

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience designing in the Byron shire, our goal as an eco-friendly architect firm is to provide designs that respond, last and adapt well to the harsh Australian climate – without sacrificing beautiful aesthetics.

There are sustainable house design techniques that allow us to make the most of the stunning environment we are surrounded by. The suitability of bioclimatic tactics is site dependent, but on a fundamental level, all our projects can and should include passive solar design principles (ie. orientation, heat loss/gain strategy, crucial shading, double glazing, and so on). 

sustainable architect byron bay

Healthy Alternatives for Eco Friendly Australian Homes

As sustainable architects in Byron Bay, we feel passionate about the careful selection of materials and finishes to reduce pollutants and create positive spaces to house happy and healthy inhabitants. 

By considering the life-cycle and the origin of goods and materials, you can help reduce waste and energy used during construction and beyond. By using non-toxic alternatives that are able to naturally degrade, we can start creating closed ecological loops with our homes. 

We put pressure on suppliers by making sure they know that the design choices we make are based on our sustainable philosophy. Using subtle shifts in language and focus, we encourage them to take our feedback to their decision-makers, to promote change from within.

There are a number of clever building materials that are non-toxic, breathable, and kind to the environment. Some of these include; beeswax sealants, rammed earth, hempcrete, natural fibre insulation, magnesium board, life panels, lime & clay-based paints. Talk to us about including them in your eco-friendly Australian home.

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For Further Information

All projects are different but regardless of size or budget, we are working hard to ensure that everything we produce is scrutinised through the lens of sustainable development to encourage change in the area.

Want to know more about the ways you can contribute to this change? Contact our team of sustainable architects in Byron Bay.

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