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Your house is one of the biggest and most meaningful assets you will own in your life.

Whether you have recently bought a new place or have been living in an unsuitable home too long, there is always a solution to make your house truly feel comfortable. 

At Zaher Architects, we believe in the magic of giving new life to old homes. From creating extensions to make space for the family to retrofitting sustainable technologies, we are happy to talk through your ideas and take the time to understand your vision. 

As your specialist Byron renovation architects, we create sustainable solutions while recommending features that will fit your way of living.


Your Architect’s Role

Usually the response from friends and loved ones when you say you bought a house is one of excitement and encouragement, but when you declare that you are going to renovate they look upon you with deep sympathy! The reason is that many people have been burned by the process of home renovation – and not surprisingly so. 

Yes, renovating can be overwhelming and stressful but this is more likely to be the case if you attempt to handle things on your own. If you appoint someone who is trained and experienced with architect residential renovations to be the custodian of your project, you will have a far more seamless experience. 

As your home renovation architects, the team at Zaher will provide advice and direction while liaising with all parties to keep everyone on track and accountable.

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The stages of a successful home renovation:
  • Stage 1 – Sketch design
    • We develop your brief; We develop the sketch design based on your brief and your Byron Bay property
  • Stage 2 – Design development
    • Our architects develop the initial concept design. We recommend and help you select any required consultants. This includes arranging fee proposals and coordinating with these consultants. We collaborate with you to review your designs. We liaise with council and consultants. We prepare drawings for submission to council (this includes normal council submission requirements for Development Application if it is necessary for your home renovation. (Council fees are paid by you as the client) Your DA (Development Application) is lodged at the end of this stage.
  • Stage 3 – Contract documentation
    • We prepare drawings for submission to council if necessary. (includes normal council submission requirements for Construction Certificate). We liaise with council. We lodge a construction certificate on your behalf. Consultant coordination. Preparation of Contract Documentation (or construction drawings). We work with you to select finishes and fittings for the new areas in your home. Collaboration continues to ensure you are happy with your residential architecture designs and the progress of your project.
  • Stage 4 – Contract administration
    • We put your job to tender, with the aim of receiving a fixed lump sum construction price. We share advice to help you select a builder. We share advice as you create a contract with your builder. We make regular site visits and the convening of relevant site meetings after building has commenced. We assess your builder’s progress Claims and issue Certificates for Payment (from the builder).

Home Renovation Architects

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise the potential in your home. As Byron home renovation architects, we love the design challenge of renovations, whether it’s to create a seamless transition between old and new or to boldly contrast the existing structure with something effortlessly modern. 

We have been based in Northern NSW for more than 15 years, which means we are familiar with local council rules and regulations as well as having excellent knowledge of the climate, the local geography and typography. 

Our residential renovation team has excellent relationships with town planners and local construction companies so we can support your approval process and recommend the builders who will give you the best results.

An upgrade inspired and inspiring

With ecological concerns that extend beyond energy use, we aim to provide architecture that lasts and adapts well to the Australian climate. We incorporate responsible and sustainable design principles, material choices, and practices into our workflow. 

Ready to turn your existing property into your Byron Bay dream home? Zaher Architects will guide you through the process, deliver your project on budget and on time, save you money and heartache, and add value to your property.

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