Why are local builders always better?

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Now you have chosen the best architecture firm in Byron Bay, you need the best Byron Bay builders.

As architects who are based in the area, we know the best local builders in Byron Bay and recommend you choose someone local for a few different reasons.

Firstly, builders who come from the Byron Bay area know the context they are working in, giving them a home advantage. They know the locality and probably live close by so you can rely on them turning up on time.

Local Byron Bay builders know where to go to source materials, they know the climate and know the certifiers. It may be tempting to fly in tradespeople, and in some cases, as with Italian cabinetry, carpenters might well be invited to install, however local builders are generally better! The skill levels of the local builders and tradespeople we recommend match those available in any major city of Australia.

Your local builder will also have great connections so they can find the right people to help out with things like deliveries and labouring.

What’s more, you may have a provider from Brisbane or further afield in mind, but what costs will this add to your project? And what happens if things aren’t complete when the deadline arrives? You don’t want to be left with an almost-finished project because your building team has left and gone home.

Let us help you choose your Byron Bay builder

Not only will Zaher Architects design a great home suited to you, we can ensure we help you choose a great team to build it. Of course, the choice of builders is always yours and we are happy to work with any building team, but with over 10 years experience in the Byron Bay Shire and many projects under our belts, we are confident in our understanding of which building teams are the best to use, and which are suited to which jobs.

You can ask us for recommendations and we can even help you to negotiate a contract with your builder.

Why we recommend our preferred Byron Bay builders

Architecturally designed home builds should always be done by tried, tested and trusted builders of such structures.

When you work with one of our recommended providers, your quotes will be realistic, as will your time frame. Some builders quote low just to get a job, then add costs as they go along. This is very frustrating and the local builders we recommend avoid this practice so you don’t end up with price variations or extended delivery dates.

There are also different areas of expertise when it comes to building. We work with four local building teams and happily recommend them to our clients, and can provide advice on which team is best suited to which projects. Every team has areas they specialise in, which is why we have a few different companies on call. Having multiple local connections also means we can find someone to make a start on your project sooner.

The builders we recommend follow protocols so you know you are getting a quality home. They stick to procedures and will sign a contract with you so you are protected if something goes wrong. You should always work with a builder who has the correct insurance and the local Byron Bay builders we recommend all have this in place. We know them to behave in an ethical way and to produce well-built homes that match our designs and stand the test of time.


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