Why is my architect telling me I need a town planner?

what does a town planner do
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If you are planning to build a home in Byron Bay or surrounding areas, you are probably wondering, ‘what does a town planner do?’ 

It is also likely your architect or builder have recommended you work with a town planner or town planning consultant as you decide on the layout, designs and materials used in your new dwelling. 

What does a town planner do?

When they are based at a local council, town planners create the rules and regulations for new homes and property developments. 

These professionals create rules about how many floors homes can have, how close to neighbouring properties they can be, etc. 

Council planners make the rules then ensure new developments and homes follow them. There are serious penalties for building property without council approval. 

Private town planning consultants know the rules and liaise with council during the development of a new home but they represent you throughout the process.  

Take a look at why Zaher Architects recommends using town planners/town planning consultants. 

For a smoother project

All new homes in Byron Bay are subject to council approval.

As your home designer/architect, we want this phase to be easy for you, which is why we recommend you choose a local town planning consultant. This professional knows the local regulations inside and out so they will immediately be able to identify if your plans will be approved. 

Of course, there are always a few stumbling points and grey areas but generally if you have a town planner review your designs, you will have less stress during the approval phase. 

Town planners understand precedents and have contacts

Your Byron Bay town planner knows the area and has dealt with many properties before yours. 

This person is on your side, not the council’s, so they will be able to bring up any other properties they are aware of which have been approved and draw from past experience to know what council may be concerned about. This can help to speed up the process. 

And while they are on your side, your planner will have relationships with people at Byron Bay council. This can be helpful to fast-track conversations and get clarity around the feedback that comes through. 

You get ahead in the process

It is very frustrating to be waiting for your builder to start work, only to have your development application rejected. 

When you have a town planner, they will minimise (and hopefully eliminate) the number of rejections you experience. This speeds up this part of your new home build and means you waste less money renting a home elsewhere. 

A private town planner jumps in before your designs are finalised to point out which features definitely won’t have approval. This means you don’t end up with designs your heart is set on, only to have to go back to the drawing board. 

Save money

Most architects and building designers charge a flat fee, with an hourly rate for adjustments after signoff. If you add a town planner to your project, you won’t have to pay for multiple rounds of revisions. 

Town planners also know exactly which documents council requires. This will ensure your submission is complete and has the best chance of approval. 

Now you know the answer to the question ‘what does a town planner do?’ and why a private planning consultant will speed up your Byron Bay new home project. You will save money, save time and minimise stress. 

At Zaher Architects, when working in Byron Bay and the surrounding hinterlands, we aim to deliver sustainable, beautiful, considered architectural designs and help you confidently navigate the mystery that is architectural practice. We will explain the importance of having a Byron Bay town planner involved in your project. If you’d like to discuss everything in detail, please contact us for an obligation free consultation.


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